Wedding Flowers Costs and Considerations

We love flowers and all things natural and floral.

We experience a rich satisfaction seeing a stunning bouquet held by a beautiful bride, creating that unique personal ambiance in a ceremony setting, and the wow floral installations that transform a naked venue into an amazing space for a legendary reception.

Creating gorgeous floral decor involves lots of time and planning and we work through many steps in the process of ensuring a couple’s vision becomes a beautiful reality.

Our weeks are busy liaising with brides, drafting proposals, fine tuning designs, sourcing premium blooms and foliage from our local flower growers and specialist flower markets, planning floral installations and organising the props, working through logistics with venue and lighting crews, preparing and nurturing all blooms to ensure their peak perfection … and then creating and delivering beautiful bespoke florals to enhance the character and vibe of a couple’s most important day.

Every step is critical, and the initial concept development is one of the most important.

Many brides draw inspiration from Pintrest and come to us with their chosen designs in mind and ideas ranging from simple to lavish floral styling.  This is often our first opportunity to meet with the couple and to experience their personal style and the vision they have for their wedding day.

We chat about the reasons for their design choice, their chosen venue and flowers that are important to them. Drawing on our wealth of knowledge and experience with previous floral styling at their chosen venue, we interpret their vision and pull together the best parts of their ideas into a cohesive look that will really radiate their style.

There is something magical about transforming the blank canvas of a venue into an amazing floral wonderland and artistically crafting beautiful floral features to reflect the couple’s vision for the most important day in in their lives.

Early on there are many decisions to be made and an unlimited budget would be wonderful when planning a wedding.  However, for nearly all the couples we work with, the reality of cost is an underlying consideration.  Sometimes a couple’s budget simply doesn’t align with their desires.

There are options though, and there is absolutely no need for stress.

Once we are all comfortable with the floral concept, we design the bride’s bouquet and then focus on the floral features that will have the greatest visual impact.  These are critical in establishing the ambiance and vibe for that once in a life-time celebration.  Dollars remaining can go toward finishing touches that will enhance the visual harmony crafted for the occasion.

Just a cautionary word here.  Skimping on designs and reducing size can lead to disappointment and down grade an experience.   It’s a little like buying shoes.  We really want the style and best fit; yet sometimes compromise, only to be reminded of our choice every time we wear them.

Be astute when considering a floral styling proposal.  Double check to be sure your floral designer is initially quoting on what you want and not restricting options to budget. You can decide what could change; your styling or your budget.

So, is there a guideline for dollars to spend on wedding flowers?

The amount will vary with every wedding, but as a reference the Australian Securities and Investment Commission suggests the average amount spent on wedding floristry and decorations is about 8% of the overall wedding cost.  Some couples work with 5% for floral styling, and others allocate over 10%.  The investment a couple makes in floral decor is really a personal decision.

And, regardless of the dollars allocated, your experience in working with your floral designer and the confidence, trust and respect you share is just as important.

If you are starting to plan your wedding decor and florals, take your time in finding images of styling you like and think about colour, designs, lushness, mood and the small details that are important to you both.

And, if you would like to experience sharing your dream with our Alstonville Florist Weddings team, please get in touch.  We would love to meet you and share the journey.

Images by Figtree Wedding Photography