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Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers are a distinctive feature of every wedding and, when well designed, reflect the character, personality and style of the bride and groom. They enrich the setting for the ceremony and establish the theme for the reception.

Historically a bride carried a bouquet to ward off evil spirits and sometimes evil smells (when it was ok to bathe just once a year). Today, a bridal bouquet is carried to enhance beauty and elegance, and set the occasion apart from any other.

History also tells us of a very different type of bridal party … during the ‘marriage by capture’ era the groom was often assisted by his best mates to fight off the bride’s angry relatives while he kidnapped his bride.

Our contemporary weddings are usually well planned, very special and memorable events, where flowers have an important role in setting the scene and creating an amazing ambience.

The ceremony itself is the most important and formal part of the day. Flowers with their natural warmth of character and beauty create an amazing visual backdrop and enhance the personal space of the bride and groom as they make their life long commitments to each other.

The wedding reception is a unique opportunity for esteemed guests to join with the bride and groom in celebrating their marriage. Floral features enhance any reception and are very effective in creating a warm and friendly atmosphere and a romantic ambience which sets the scene for a wonderful evening.

Making the right flower choices

Your flowers should be unique; they should convey your likes, your personality and your style … and they should make you feel incredibly happy!

It is likely your first decision is whether you both want a small intimate wedding or a lavish affair … or something in between. Whatever size, style and theme you have in mind, our Alstonville Florist Weddings team has the knowledge, experience and talent to work with you through the planning stages and create a beautiful and unique floral ensemble for your wedding day.

As you explore ideas for your wedding flowers, the following list will give you some idea of what is possible. If you have something in mind is that is not listed, please let us know and we may be able to help with examples and suggestions. (If you are a visual person, you might prefer to jump straight to our wedding galleries.)

Flowers for the Bridal party

For the ladies


  • Formal posies
  • Garden style bouquets
  • Untamed bouquets
  • Trailing bouquets
  • Wild flower bouquets
  • Flower girl posies

Hair Flowers

  • Single blooms
  • Floral sprays
  • Floral hair combs
  • Fine hair circlets
  • Floral crowns

For the gentlemen

  • Groom's buttonhole (always something special)
  • Groomsmen's buttonholes
  • Pageboys and ring bearers buttonholes

For close family and friends

Corsages for mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, godmothers and any other woman you would like to honour on your wedding day.

  • Wrist corsages
  • Traditional broach corsages
  • Corsages for handbags (magnetised)

Buttonholes for fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, godfathers and any other gentleman you would like to honour on your wedding day.

For the Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is a once in a lifetime event for the bride and groom and the most important part of the day.

Floral features that add beauty and atmosphere to the setting include

  • Arbour arrangements - large feature designs or more detailed statement pieces
  • Trailing garlands of flowers and foliage on arbours or trees
  • Floral hoops
  • Flowering bottles suspended in trees
  • Floral curtains dancing in the breeze
  • Petal pathways
  • Aisle flowers
  • A floral feature for the signing table
  • Floral garlands for boats bringing the bride to the ceremony

For the Reception

The reception is an joyful celebration shared with very special family and friends.

Floral features that set the scene can include

  • Table arrangements, tall or short vases of flowers, jars of flowers, or two or three flowers in bottles
  • Floral table garlands
  • Floral napkin sprays
  • Floral garlands for the chairs of the bride and groom
  • Elaborate or simple bridal table floral designs
  • Feature cake flowers
  • Floral archways
  • Floral chandeliers or floral ceiling swings
  • Hanging floral wreaths
  • Flower chains
  • Floral heart features or other distinctive forms
  • Floral spheres
  • Floral feature designs as a background for photographs

Other Services that might help

  • We can pack your bridal party flowers for transport following your wedding.
  • We can pack reception flowers for transport following your wedding.
  • We can pack your bouquet and forward it to The Flower Factory for preservation.